Full Grooming Service for Dogs:

Includes: Bath, Brush Out, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming/Grinding, Gland Expression (as needed), Breath Freshener, Light Massage

Hair Types For Bathing (Dogs):
All baths include: ear cleaning, teeth brushing and breath freshener, nail trim and dremel, external expression of glands, bathing with several choices of shampoos, and a thorough dry with extra coat blown out.

Double Coated
Up to 20 lbs.
21 to 40 lbs.
41 to 70 lbs.
70 lbs. and above
$30 - $40
$45 - $55
$55 - $65
Medical Soak
$5 additional
$8 additional
$10 additional
Flea Spray/Dip
$5 additional
$10 additional
$15 additional

De-shedding 2 part series of shampoo and conditioner:
$10 for Small Dogs (up to 20 lbs.)
$12.50 for Medium Dogs (21 - 40 lbs.)
$15 for Large Dogs (41 - 70 lbs.)
$20 for Extra Large Dogs (over 70 lbs.)

Hair Types For Cuts (Dogs):
All cuts must be accompanied by a bath
All breed cuts and/or shave downs are an additional cost that can range from $15 to $60 depending on animal temperament and condition of coat.
De-matting: $20/hour
Shaving out mats: $10 - $30
Hand strip: $30/hour

Small dog de-shed 2 part series of shampoo and conditioner additional $10, medium $12.50 large dogs $15, Xtra large $20

Full Grooming Service for Cats:

All cats are required to have a bath when services are rendered for grooming.

Includes: nail trim, bath, brush out, complete dry and breath freshener for $30

Lion cut/Shave down: $30
Spot shave: $15

Day Care Service for Dogs:

Per Day
10 Day Pass
20 Day Pass
Up to 20 lbs.
21 to 60 lbs.
Over 60 lbs.

Day care does not include overnight boarding

Boarding Service for Dogs:

Includes personal sleeping quarters, and indoor/outdoor play time (daycare). Sterilized bedding and dishes provided by Sunday’s Best
You provide: food, treats and sacrificial toys

Per Night
10 Night Pass
20 Night Pass
Up to 20 lbs.
21 to 60 lbs.
Over 60 lbs.

Each additional dog is boarded at half price

$450/month for unlimited boarding and includes daycare
Long term boarding prices can be negotiated. All dogs checking in for boarding and/or daycare will be subject to a temperament test (free of charge).

Boarding Service for Cats:

Includes personal sleeping quarters with litter box, sterilized blankets and food/water dishes provided by Sunday’s Best
You provide: food, treats, toys

Proof of FIV and FELV shots are required, unless they are harmful to the cat, or you can provide a waiver from your veterinarian

$17.50/night ($8.75 for each additional cat)
10% off total if boarding 10 nights or more
20% off total if boarding 20 nights or more

Training for Dogs:

Behavioral assessment is free with sign up of consistent classes, depending on trainer’s analysis
$100 for 6 week package
Includes: Personalized 1 on 1 training between Sunday and owner(s) in a home and outdoor/park setting. Dogs are exposed to a variety of conditions including, but not limed to high distraction, general commands (sit, down, heel, come),