Sunday’s Best Pet Care is all about providing the best in boarding, grooming and training any pet lover/owner could possibly wish for. My facility is private in-home care for both grooming and boarding, thus fostering a one on one relationship with customers. In addition to grooming and boarding for dogs and cats, I offer you up to date training from beginning to advanced and “Canine Good Citizen.” I am well experienced, educated and certified in training, grooming and medical assisted care. I only take care of a couple animals at a time in order to give close one on one 24 hour attention, as low stress helps in the prevention of spreading disease/parasites as apposed to a high level of animals and strangers. I have been fortunate enough to acquire many great clients who take very good care of their pets and who use my services on a regular basis. This gives me the ability to know their pets as well as they do, and can also give me a very good idea how their pets may or may not interact with your pet(s). I'm also able to identify different kinds of medical (not a DVM) or mental problems you may not have noticed so I can refer you to the best medical care or help you with many different kinds of behavioral problems.

All of my equipment is the best money can buy for grooming and boarding. I offer Indoor/outdoor care for the dogs and a wonderful sleep/play worthy "cattery.” I ensure that my care is only the best so that your pet will have the most loving, safest and cleanest experience in the industry. My number one interest in animal care is to provide easy, knowledgeable, wonderful care so people don't get overwhelmed and re-home their pets. Consider me your pet concierge!

About me:
I have worked in the animal care industry for over 15 years, having owned at one time two full service animal care facilities in both Milwaukie and E. Burnside. I am a certified all-breed groomer of both dogs and cats as well as a certified instructor through the Animal Behavior College. On my free time, I enjoy volunteering at our son’s school, staying in shape at the local Kettle Bell gym, and going out to shows with my husband.